Highlight on sustainable labels

Because brands now want that all their collections are sustainable, labels and packaging manufacturers innovate and propose incredible developments.

Close to Clothes               FR

Eco conscious and recycled products are a major line of development for CLOSE TO CLOTHES this season. They have sourced all types of recyclable materials, papers, ribbons, leathers and even PU in order to meet this increasing demand on the market. Nowadays, the main Eco conscious labels like OEKO-TEX and others no longer apply only to raw materials but also to manufacturing processes. Being already REACH on all their products, in order to remain at the forefront in this field, it is necessary to obtain the latest certifications or to associate with the right partners. Close to Clothes is now able to provide their customers with 100% sustainable branding packages.



Stand 4F22


Dienpi                  IT

Dienpi, Italian company specialized in the design and production of labels and accessories, presents Living Paper from cellulose to cellulose …… And new emotions. Doriana Marini, Director, says: “Producing handmade paper is to love the paper and to love the environment. On occasion of the exhibition, we will present Living Paper, a paper fully handmade according to the tradition of central Italy since 1200, using only pure cotton cellulose, without addition of any optical brighteners, the colour is natural white. The paper with seeds is obtained by adding different types of live seeds to water and cellulose. It will be sufficient to put/plant the tag or label in a pot, cover it with soil and water it for a few days, until the first seeds sprout.” This label is not only a sheet of paper, it has now a second life.

Discover on Dienpi stand the live demonstration of this living paper.


Stand 4G15


Duesse                IT

Because of a careful and constant research based on an evergrowing request of ecofriendly products Duesse is using even more low environmental impact materials:
– Seed paper: the paper making your garden grown.
– Papermilk: produced with milk fibers, cotton fibers and ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) wood-free primary pulp from responsible source.
– 100% Cotton paper: 100% natural fiber.


Stand 4B17 4C18

Redmark             IT

In its last collections, Redmark focused its energy in the creation of items with eco-friendly materials.
Labels created with apples’ wasteparts and labels produced with plants and flowers seeds are the Must of this collection which takes care of the environment.



Stand 4F07


Première Vision Accessories Hall 4