Segno Italiano, the Sign of Craft

The Italian artisanship has achieved international renown for its innovation and quality. However, many craftsmen and creators have difficulties to locate and attract the right market for their high-end products. The Italian company Segno Italiano has set as its goal to mediate between Italian artisans and the international potential buyers of their works. However, the company’s activities extend beyond marketing and commerce. The creative team of the company involves designers and architects that provide novel and modern interpretations to the classic creations of Italian artisans. Segno Italiano focus on four main sectors of crafts production: copper, ceramics, wooden furniture and green glass. Their products offer a virtual tour of the crafts territories of Italy, from Chiavari in Liguria, where the art of light wooden chairs was perfected, to Este the capital of ceramics, the Tuscan town of Empoli that hosts green glass masters, and Trento where copper pots are traditionally produced. By providing new inspiring designs to the traditional high-quality artisans in the craft districts of Italy, the company hopes to revitalize the Italian hand-made craft industry.
In the last Salone del Mobile in Milan, Segno Italiano teamed up with fashion designer Antonio Marras to create an installation based on their new ceramics collection. The theme was table decoration, using decadent and luxurious high-quality ceramics from Este in bright white wash. The wealth of forms and textures contrasted dramatically with the monochromatic whiteness of the table. Especially for the exhibition, the ceramic dishes and decorative ornaments were subtly hand-painted with modern interpretations of classic patterns, heraldic emblems and animal shapes. Thus, the distinctive quality of the ceramic artisanship of Este got new and modern aesthetic life under the directorship of Segno Italiano and Marras.
By matching up the creators with the designers, Segno Italiano hope to bring out the best out of the two worlds. The designers provide new ideas for high-quality creations, while the local craft masters offer their particular know-how. Thus, it is hoped, the Italian crafts sector will be able to overcome the difficulties related to the economic crisis in Europe, attain a global market and finally find worldwide recognition for generations-old local crafts.
Segno Italiano is designing the new scenography of the Maison d’Exceptions fair.