Lutz Huelle, fashion designer, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)
“A handmade sweater will be worn for life. A sweater which is made quickly, we can feel that it is not the same : it can also be very beautiful but it will not survive for 20 years. However, a handmade sweater will always be an amazing garment. What I also find very beautiful about it, is that it is done with such personal passion, which is not necessarily always the case in large factories. It is such a pleasure to see people who have a passion, they’re not in the mindset of wanting to sell it whatever the cost but they just want to say, “Look what I can do.” This is something you don’t see that often. We manage to make the customer understand that a beautiful garment retains its beauty, you can’t take that away from it. Of course, it is expensive, but when there is a real added value people feel they are ready to pay the price. Obviously, it is more complicated to produce because they are not huge amounts.”