Linda Mai Phung between ethnic and chic

Linda Mai Phung is a French designer of Vietnamese origin. Although having studied in Paris, she chose to live in Vietnam and to launch her eponymous brand there. With the benefit of her double culture, she constructs a feminine and contemporary style with a mix of influences from the East and West.
She reconciles her talents with ethical commitments and a confirmed sense of style. She offers delicate silhouettes, cut from beautifully natural materials such as silk, linen and organic cotton. She also uses recycled grain sacs to make jackets and parkas.
Her originality can particularly be seen in her use of the artisanal fabrics which come from the fifty four ethnic minorities of Vietnam.
Linda Mai Phung
Linda Mai Phung
In her workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, she collects traditional fabrics found from the north and south in certain Sino-Vietnamese tribes such as the Hmongs, the Yao or the Thaï. These unique pieces of batik, brocades and artisanal embroideries are an endless source of inspiration for her collections.
Season after season she integrates these pieces into contemporary cuts, at the base of a skirt, as a breast plate or on belts.
She works, for example, with a weaving cooperative of Thaï women situated in the village of Mai Chau, three hundred kilometers from Hanoi.
In this workshop, the weavers produce fabrics which are similar the outfits they wear from day to day. Among the most typical products, are large two-tone jacquards, usually worked in black and white, but with multicolored stripes that incorporate geometric patterns symbolising the surrounding flora and fauna.
Linda Mai Phung
We can also find these highly characteristic striped weaves in Linda Mai Phung’s Spring-Summer 2013 collection which pays homage to her cultural heritage whilst avoiding an overly literal ethnic style.
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