Joost Jansen, EE Exclusives, at the Maison d'Exceptions show 1/2

“We were originally founded in 1900 so we’re celebrating our 116th anniversary this year. It’s a family business so inside the company there’s a feeling of friendliness, we know all our clients by heart which is a very nice way of working.
Originally our experience comes from weaving brand labels featuring detailed information, but for about two years, we have also been making fabrics by developing new machines with an Italian producer to have the same density as a label but on a width of 1m50, which brings a lot of new possibilities for fabrics, for fashion mainly, but also for interior.
We also work with architects and artists to make specific one-off pieces. We’ve always been a rather small company, but we have still been surviving for so many years and I think it’s one of the reasons why we always strive for and look for innovation, even though it sounds very general in a way.
We also don’t work with our own collections, so we don’t make any of them and then try to sell them. We really work in a collaborative way, as collaboration is the word we always try to use: it’s always something from us, something from the client and then together we make a new fabric that can be used in all its different aspects.”