Isabelle Léourier, Milliner, at the Maison d’Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“My name is Isabelle Leourier, I am a milliner who works in l’Oise. I have worked in textiles since I was a child and with hats for twenty years. In terms of know-how, I am ever-curious. I love to touch, manipulate, experiment. I don’t have a drawing stage in my designs at present; I no longer feel the need to draw. If I do draw, it is just to remember the idea, to not forget. I work in 3D right away. I love horsehair, I love working with feathers – I am a bit curious – I use many very different materials that are not at all intended expressly for textile use. Sometimes it is piano wire, craft materials, resins, etc. Anything that can help push an idea to its limits is used. I think of my work as a type of writing with textiles. In general, I find it difficult to put onto paper the volume that I have in mind; I would rather begin realizing the object right away. This is why the materials are chosen so that they stand on their own.”