Ilario Tartaglia, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

“In Venice, through the centuries, the Serene Republic has woven admirable fabrics, velours, brocades, “alluciolati.” I knew that I was one of the last to know all of these techniques and I am committed gathering artisans together so that these savoir-faire are not lost.

In terms of silk, for example, we are currently recreating the entire production chain from the farming of cocoons to final weaving, entirely locally. We know that in Italy, the cultivation of silkworms has existed for over 850 years, and yet today it is almost a memory. The decline occurred in the middle of last century and one of my goals is to revive this tradition.

Even if we are using weaving techniques known for thousands of years, they are still capable of producing novel weaves. We rely on our past to produce perpetually new creations, thanks to our technical expertise.