Hermès: the words of how

Originally a saddler, the Maison Hermès today is occupied in no less that sixteen different trades: most known for the sale of clothes and bags, they also work in perfumes, watches, silk printing on their famous scarves and tailoring… and all of the specific know how which these involve. This famous company is enriched by all of these hands of genius, each of which writes the fashion house’s history with extraordinarily detailed movements, so exclusive that they create their own vocabulary.
So it is only right that they deserve a book, a new sort of dictionary of words which are familiar yet incongruous, mixing definitions, techniques and anecdotes, and succeeding in evoking, from the non illustrated words, the imagined representations of that which is woven in these legendary workshops.
A “small glossary” like a “song of gestures”, which we open at random, where we don’t search and yet where we never cease to discover.
An ABC of Hermès Crafts
Olivier Saillard
Editions Actes Sud