Atelier E.B. – inventing tradition

There are countless one shot collaborations between artists and fashion houses; however, the lasting relationship between an artist and a designer, which aims to defend the traditional craftsmanship of textiles, is much more interesting and innovative.
When creating Atelier E.B. in 2007 between Edinburgh and Brussels, the artist Lucy McKenzie and designer Beca Lipscome asked themselves “What is Scottishness?”. Creating a real platform for reflection and creation, this new studio produces such diverse things from clothes and furniture, to publications and set designs.
In 2011 Atelier E.B. was taken to a new dimension with The Inventors of Tradition, an exhibition which questioned the Scottish textile heritage and industry today. McKenzie and Lipscombe created products manufactured in collaboration with the traditional Scottish houses : Mackintosh, Alex Begg chashmere, Caerlee Mills, Hawick Cashmere and Begg Scotland, McRostie leathers of Glasgow and even the handmade knits of Janette Murrya.
Stemming from a love of high quality clothes and the two designers’ Scottish childhood memories, their collection pays homage to the national craft traditions whilst bringing them up to date.
Lucy McKenzie explains “We have a great respect for traditional craft, something that radically disappeared in our lifetimes in Scotland, and we felt something worth combining with the world of contemporary art, which has so much space for discourse, dissemination and support.”
Their creations are marked with the iconography of past utopias, be it modernist experimentation, the avant-garde functionalist style or ancient patterns. “Ost End Girls”, their 2013 collection was presented in Paris for the first time in October 2012 at 8 rue Saint Bon. Sold all over the world today, these hybrid products, between art and crafts, are brought together today in a beautiful publication, which has already become a collector’s item.
Lucy McKenzie is represented by the galleries Micheline Szwajcer, Daniel Buchholz and Cabinet.
Publication : The Inventors of Tradition, Beca Lipscombe & Lucy McKenzie, Editions Walther König / Koenig Books
Atelier EB, rue st bon 2012View of the exhibition “Atelier Édimbourg – Bruxelles, Working progress Paris”, 8 rue Saint Bon, 2012
Atelier EB collection
Atelier EB collection
Atelier EB McKenzie
products of the 2013 collection “Ost End Girls”, Atelier E.B.
Courtesy Atelier E.B.