Nadine Goepfert directs the film of the spring summer 19 season

Researcher, explorer and innovator Nadine Goepfert directs this season’s film for Première Vision.

This Berlin-based multidisciplinary designer is constantly experimenting with the function and conventional use of materials to develop a new perspective. Her contemporary vision is expressed in her collections as well as in her international art installations. Her pared-down pieces, as much artwork as clothing, examine the relationship between fashion, the individual and society to reveal unconscious patterns of behaviour in the everyday use of textiles.

Here she translates her interpretation of the season in images, with her key concepts of delicacy and refinement. The film situates the viewer in a subdued and generous atmosphere, where thought closely juxtaposes the precision of words, the purity of lines, the fleeting nature of sound, the sensuality of colour and the extraordinary power of materials. A committed vision to discover at the show, in the new interdisciplinary Première Vision forum, where images, sounds, texts, fabrics, leathers, accessories and designs will convey the full impact of spring summer 19.





Discover more of her work on her website.