Freeze-frame: jewellery in motion

Kuntee Sirikrai, artist / jewellery designer

The jewellery by Kuntee Sirikrai appears suspended in time,
capturing a moment, a flight of energy, a passing breeze.
Part artist, part designer, her work is an interrogation of each piece of jewellery, the way it’s worn, and even the silhouette.

Combining several techniques, Kuntee Sirikrai transcribes pure poetic moments by freezing motion to create unique pieces.
Above all, her work is a study of a drop, a dynamic impetus, a bounce … recorded in slow motion video. 
Afterwards she stylises, composes by capturing these images, giving life to these objects through 3D printing and exploring the elusive.
Her “Air” necklace is “a bounce frozen in mid-air” as if the beads, ricocheted off the body, were paused and suspended in the air.
“Dropping” reflects the excitement of a fall, as the ring multiplies and creates an entire collection of bubbling jewellery.
Sirikrai invites us to take the time to look at jewellery from a different angle.
Enjoy her work here.
Come see it in the Jewel Case forum at Première Vision Accessories next September.




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