Centrocot, the keys to responsible fashion

With responsibility and sustainability taking their place as fashion’s cardinal virtues, the Centrocot Research and Development Laboratory proves to be the ideal bridge between innovative technologies and a rapidly evolving industry.


In the service of a more responsible fashion industry, Centrecot works on textile innovations that take into account all the key factors of a safe production chaintechnical, environmental, economic and social. Thus, its customers can transparently affirm the production of sustainable and recyclable textiles, under exemplary conditions and meeting all the criteria set by established legislation.

Centrocot focuses on both local and international issues, adapting on a case-by-case basis to better meet customers’ specific needs. From raw materials to natural resources, manufacturing, transportation, use and recycling, the laboratory weighs solutions answering to the needs of each stage in the life of a textile, to put the fashion industry on the road to a circular economy.

Calling on Centrocot’s expertise means changing today’s market while taking an already strategic position in tomorrow’s market.

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