Bluesign Technologies AG, for certifiably responsible fashion

Today, consumers want their clothing purchases to be fully traceable. And because responsibility and sustainability are now more than just trends, Bluesign Technologies AG offers a certification system to bring together all the players in the supply chain, to help steer the fashion and textile industry towards an eco-friendly future. Its goal is to create partnerships between chemical suppliers, textile producers and brands, to work collectively on healthy and profitable production methods..

Bluesign Technologies AG’s expertise in key textile segments such as chemistry, environmental technology and supply chain management makes it the ideal service provider, able to best advise companies and brands ready to commit to responsible creation. To do this, it has created the “Bluesign Product” label, recognising reasoned production and minimized environmental risks.

Bluesign Technologies AG is also committed to helping companies implement the most stringent work requirements and monitor their implementation, to improve their sustainability performance.

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