Shivering fabrics

A first product favourite for spring summer 2020  –  shivering fabrics! They contribute to a feeling of motion, and convey an elemental, universal and caring sensation.

This season lightness is everywhere. The colour range is swept away by a gust of freedom conferring cheerful and airy tones. The lightness of tone and a yearning to cast our gaze skyward join with the search for lightness via materials with minimal weights. A season to discover another expression of lightness, conveyed by non-ironed fabrics with moving surfaces, as if a shiver were running through them. The air seems to circulate on them, tickling and inflating surfaces to create lumps.

© Almodo Altunlar Tekstil / Première Vision Fabrics

These rippling, shivering fabrics occupy three-dimensional space without weight. Which is to say, they are almost weightless, yet take up space. Their ethereal presence takes on volume when air moves through them – the invisible made visible, an invitation to be touched.

Seersuckers, embossed and wrinkled fabrics, enlivened by various tension effects and partial shrinkings, all join in this sensory experience that moves us away from anything too smooth. Tenderly bumpy plains with a cuddly toy effect grow more endearing. Prints are softened, airy, set in motion. Sporty fabrics convey experiences, excursions in contact with the elements. The open air has permeated their fibres, creating a special, intimate story.

Born of a desire to breathe, natural softness and shivering fabrics are just as appreciated for their look as their feel. They’ve captured something of their surroundings, inviting us to caress them in order to give it back to us, restoring an essential connection. Their unusual textures and heightened sensory appeal promote greater sensitivity, in order to extract themselves, with the utmost lightness, from mass standardisation.

Our selection

Discoure the fabric higlights for the spring summer 20 season next 12 – 14th february at Première Vision Paris  !