Spring summer 18 season’s designs

Discover the buyers’ top picks for spring summer 18 patterns and prints at Première Vision Designs at the February 2017 Paris show.

A summer 18 season full of colour, cheer and contrast!

Buyers are looking for designs that sweep them off their feet. For a visual impact created by an interplay between the force of the colours, the graphic treatment and the size of the patterns. Unique, non-reproducible decorations, whose creation is tied to random factors, are also selected for their difference.

Along these lines, preferences tend to hand-drawn lines, and motifs where you can see the handwork, whether done by brush, felt-tip pen, gouache, pastel or watercolour.

It’s the expressivity that counts, with singular compositions and placements tending to large-scale patterns that leave a lot of space between motifs. Decorations enriched by lively, colourful, often textured grounds, and more and more influenced by sports, from technical fabrics to fine crunchiness and 3D knits.

Choices tend to lots of bright colours, rarely worked in two-tone. Primarily multicolour harmonies, combining “divine blue” with “yolk yellow” and “salmon pink,” all among the top 3. Followed immediately by “shocking fuchsia,” “video green” and the little “pink paradise” combining for a tie.

Geometry imitating abstract micro-textures gives way to exoticism, the season’s big favourite. Foliage and tropical flowers are generously traced, occasionally in dark and strange colourings. Jungle animals hide in these decorations, while exotic fruits and playful narratives are drawn in a non-naive way.

Luxuriant Foliage

Banana leaves, hibiscus, and aloe vera win hands down. Lush foliage is dense and disturbing: dark grounds, strange bronzes, bizarre colourising. Impenetrable tree canopies evoking Amazonia or Asia, painted with precise gestures and masterfully drawn.Lines are varied, what characterizes expressions are the movement and energy of the graphic composition.



A rich diversity of flowers for a frankly blossoming summer!
Mostly stylised, they are either flattened or outlined with a thick edge, to give a Pop touch. Large and scattered, cheerfully strewn, they flood surfaces, leaving an airy space between each other. When more delicate, they are finely sketched, barely readable, or gently watercoloured.


Amazing birds, parrots, hummingbirds and pink flamingos colourfully flutter, while jungle animals – monkeys, lions and panthers – hide in opulent forests.

Pineapples, bananas and exotic fruits roam through the decorations in vitamin-boosted clusters, but most often in tasty solos.

The underwater world also inspires dreamy ambiances populated by fabulous mermaids and fish


Geometry verging on abstraction, very complex interconnected designs and optical micro-motifs. Mineral texture effects, subtle graininess, neat doodling or washed aspects in delicate gradations.

When neater, geometry remains random and plays with shadows.

These patterns invite a double reading thanks to complex mixes with flowers. They are artfully composed in bandanas, coloured with Memphis accents.