Season opening : Yarns S/S19

Cultivating, nurturing and developing new forms of creativity, yarns and knits make a fine entrance to this spring summer 19.
Here, the need to connect with nature is cultivated by exploring the idea of a transformation from one state to another. Yarns are like seeds, destined to grow all the future possibilities of fabrics and clothing. The entire concept of sustainability is expressed.

Games of transparency unveil the earliest stages of invention, like roots destined to sprout innovation and allow new ideas to grow and flourish. Experiments with light, movement and structure awaken the senses and fertilise the central concept of growth. All the effects of blurriness, contrast and twist lend volume and motion, as if to better imitate plant forms. To connect with life and nature, but at the same time transcend it, by putting new technologies – for ever more comfort, softness and sustainability – at the service of fibres.