PV’s Bag & Shoe selection for S/S 2020

Envisage a season of liberated and joyful accessories. The bags and shoes of Spring Summer 2020 accept differences, embrace change and encourage innovative functions. They welcome the diversity of shapes and sizes with good humour and alternate between very heavy and very light, combining materials and decorations, disrupting or enhancing standards, and providing an indispensable functionality.

Notre sélection

Without Complex

Joyful simplicity: Uninhibited bags and shoes interpret “singing in the rain” even when the sun shines. We disrupt utilitarian elements in their function: bungee cord, halyard cord, sheathed cable, multicolour striped webbing, neon zips. Rubber soles spill over. On webbing, slogans are printed in 3D. Bag chains look like children’s toys. Pristine colours, eye-catching neon, bright white, clean chrome.

No Barriers

No need to ask what it’s for any more? Let’s find out… Bags forget their purpose and choose to blend genres. Women exchange their reasonable shopping bag for an oversize sports bag. Components are oversize, the giant buckle is the signature of the accessory. The chains of zips become the decorative element. A mix of couture refinement and unexpected pairings: leather and plastic weavings, ribbed technical webbings, technical caning, moulded bag handles, elegant shines, surprising colour palettes.

Feet on the ground

The revenge of the wanderers: Adventurers of the city, glamorous urbanites play at being hikers and wanderers. They accumulate utilitarian elements, but then don’t use them. Materials are natural or appear to be: horn, bamboo, eroded leather, frayed denim, raw weavings. A quest for artisanal references: hand stitching, solid carved wood. And a sophistication of trekking standards: all-over camouflages and animal prints.  Metallic components: rivets, studs, snap hooks take on bronze highlights. A range of softened, greyish, feminine khakis; light browns, warm sand, burnished gold.

Feather light

A dancer, glam and minimalist. Everything is a pretext for casting off weight, forgetting the earth’s pull, running in levitation, taking off from the ground. Mules, ballerina slippers and light shopping bags are renewed with ultra-light materials and components: Pearly or transparent buckles and handles for bags, ribbons like a technical organza, bleached laces, intangible feathers, delicate chains, transparent heels, uppers in perforated silicon. White and off-white are dominant accompanied by bleached gold, brilliant chrome and very pale pastels, punctuated by bright flashes.


Dive into colour: Colour submerges components, materials, bags and shoes. It runs over the edges and spreads across surfaces. Aquatic transparencies allow glimpses of the iridescent shine of fish scales.  An oceanic world of blue and green combine, of damp or desiccated seaweed.