The material highlights of the S/S 20 colour range

A spotlight on the textile, leathers, and accessory components from our exhibitors Artesa, Bischoff-Group, Chiorino Technology, Evlox, and Swing Collection by Gruppocinque, which gave a hand to the Première Vision summer 2020 range by giving concrete expression to the season’s highlights.


We just love the rustling, snapping etherealness of the sport fabric by Gruppocinque for its Swing collection. In a sublime, spring-time yellow, our “margarine” N°21 colour, performance and freshness are all there. Blocking out the wind in fine weather without gaining an ounce. Enjoying the journey traveled, staying in tune with nature, wrapped up as nicely and cheerfully as in a fine candy wrapper. A simple, soft, matt and luminous fabric.

© Swing by Gruppocinque / Première Vision Fabrics


Paleness is brilliantly expressed thanks to a denim from the manufacturer Evlox. The importance of naturalness and casualness is conveyed this season in supple, pale weaves, where blue seeks to join white in all fineness. The fibre is asserted, and plays on vertical streaks gently sweep across the fabric, like the lines of wood, impregnated with a sky blue, a toast to sensitive imperfection.

© Evlox / Première Vision Fabrics


The ribbon by Artesa, which makes textile components for sandals, hats, handbags, belts and other fashion accessories, is surprising. Here, lightness becomes visual thanks to an absolute transparency. The intangible finds concrete expression. You can see through it, but in doing so reality becomes something else- fragmented, faceted through the prism of PVC braiding. An airy, playful and futuristic pointillism!


Artesa - Première Vision Accessories



A play on voids builds a mosaic, marking its contours with a virtuoso guipure from the embroiderer Bischoff. The small, understated and geometric motifs make it easy to play with light, like a finely carved, gently aged and ultra-supple ornamental micro-screen. The shade plays an unexpected card: a curious vegetal, antique green, our “olivine replica” N°20, which is atypical in the world of embroidery.


Bischoff-Group - première Vision Fabrics


Coloured metallics

A story of patinated jewels is found in Chiorino Technology’s leather sample. It features an ultra-smooth finish which is perfectly uniform, creating a high-tech aesthetic, and a subtle metallization resembling a bronze filter. A nuanced and diffuse preciousness, reminiscent of wet sand or sunny rocks.

© Chiorino Technology / Première Vision Leather

A very warm THANK YOU to the exhibitors who created these materials. They can be seen and touched in our Première Vision range, available to pre-order online here, and pick up at the Première Vision Paris show at the Parc des Expositions – Villepinte from 12 to 14 February 2019.



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