Fancies A°19 W°20

Autumn winter 19/20 decorations are expressed on a grand scale, generously, even a touch exuberantly. The scales of flowers, geometries and ornamental motifs are sumptuously enlarged. Colourways are sophisticated, grounds are elaborated, fancy-woven and overprinted. Artistic references and quotes are enriched, brilliantly diversifying visual idioms. A new imagery inspired by unknown voyages and lands, strange beasts and fabulous maps.

Full blooms

Graphic flowers with phenomenal petals, exuberant tulips with bold outlines, pared-down peonies and smooth or textured graphic flat tints, in coat-weight jacquards, silky prints, flattened lace and woolly embroidery.
Geometricized and ordered in the way of 70’s-style tapestries, matt and elegant in tri-tone colourways.
Highly stylised, a two-tone flower verging on Art Nouveau. Ornamentals inspired by nature also turn up in lace, guipure and embroidery, awash in scrolls, stems, petals and bunches with pure lines.

Ornamental opulence

Excessive floral indiennes, hand-drawn palmetto motifs and characters, swirling paisleys: a Persian ornamental influence with a modern opulence emerges across all product sectors, with elaborated and contrasting colour schemes. Skilfully placed decorative curves in cut-yarns, framed scarf-style placements with a dashing mix of floral and geometric motifs. Assemblies and imbrications of multiple motifs, a mix of micro flowers and tie-pattern geometrics.

Digitized geology

Digital strata, between mineral slices and computer pixels. Terrestrial layers, precious stones and rockeries are reflected in dark and volcanic jacquards, in warmed-up or coated lace, and embroideries worked in contrasting materials.
Jacquard textures and pattern strokes are inspired by sinusoidal waves, like giant galactic undulations, fluctuating to the whim of a digital rain.
The porosity of pumice stones becomes a honeycombed structure and enlarged openwork in lace, combined with extremely fine and luxurious yarns.

Faboulous figuratives

Delicious gardens with a wintry exoticism, as if dreamed up by an explorer of imaginary countries. Travels, cartographies of the sky, and mysterious lands viewed from the heavens.
A street inspiration with arty references and hand-drawn typography; embroideries with clashing colourways become narrative.
References to Eastern folklore in embroidery and jacquards reproducing cross-stitches, A playful geometry composed of puzzle-like imbrications, like paper cuts done in prints.

Rereading the classics

Traditional motifs with updated colours, a differentiator across the board in checks, houndstooths and shepherd’s checks. In prints and silkies, patterns are blurry, diluted, layered, and mixed with metallo-plastic yarns with an underlying light.
A focus on diamond shapes in embroidery, guipure and jacquards, with offbeat colours and sizes, enriched with texture. Lace with squared-off, orderly motifs; patches of colourful sequinned rectangles; gridded guipure.
Mad leopard prints this season, in grating colours. Across all activity sectors, their spots are stylized and play on different scales within the same pattern, or blend into the figured background of the pattern. Animal skins are revised in puffers, cut-yarns, in overprinted burnt-outs, and in brushed or plasticized surfaces.