Best Womenswear : Prints & patterns

Selected decorations seem to announce a less extreme season than the prior winter. Patterns with moderate scales, soft or dark colourways, less “noisy” motifs hiding mysteries or surprises. The search for personalisation shifts into a more intimate mode.

Floral impact

Flowers above all in prints, and also – in more measured percentages – in silky jacquards, lace and embroidery. Selections are open to a variety of styles: pictorial, stylized, old-fashioned or majestic. The common denominator of all these patterns? Size – mostly medium – and pattern arrangement. These generously blooming flowers are liked spaced-out on colourful grounds.



Enigmatic darkness

Designers and buyers enjoy being scared and display their taste for strangeness.

They are attracted to esoteric motifs, cosmic scattered patterns. They delightedly immerse themselves in a dark and disturbing exoticism, prefer unreal or slightly melancholy botanicals. In fact, in lace and embroidery, mysterious foliage moves ahead of florals.


Graphic imbrications

Graphic or abstract themes continue to attract. Especially imbricated geometries in jacquards, patches of geometry in knits, trompe l’oeil 3D laces. Abstracts are more sensitively worked in silkies.