Bag & Shoe A°19 W°20

A season that oscillates between sport –   which is the pretext to use new materials, transform proportions and invent a new elegance –
and charming seduction showcasing perfect proportions that have been slightly tweaked.
Detail becomes essential: an explosion of creativity is articulated in the original use of materials, the interpretation of colours and over-expression.

Classics become hybrid and volumes increase.
Leopard prints on quilted polyamides, multiple layers of foam and exaggerated padding herald the arrival of quilted rucksacks and cross-body bags inspired by soft toys.
Components that have been “graffitied,” pop straps, neon transparent zips, handwritten slogans will revive logo-mania, but in a comic-strip manner.
Strange reliefs emerge under very thick soles, outsized barcodes appear on technical fabrics.

Sports codes continue to inspire footwear and are now influencing bags. Extra-flat, it looks like an ergonomic pouch.
The tarmac becomes a treadmill and components juggle between efficiency and energetic humour. Black and white zips, silicon-coated straps, highly designed uppers, technical moulds and sleevings combine with chrome-plated or coloured plastic geometric buckles.
Reflective holograms appear alongside oversized signage and building site warning signs.

Seduction is rewriting the rulebook. Good taste is inspired by good craftmanship to have fun. Heels have a lattice moucharaby finish. Pastel buckles challenge the season, vintage clasps are off-centre, clasp buttons in fluffy fur. We continue to play at being cowboys by using Texan emblems.

The bestiary takes on an ostentatious style. Giant insects become troubling jewels.
Embroidered lion and tiger heads tell outlandish tales.
Hyper-realistic prints enliven surfaces. Mosaics of raw stones and colour gems, violently red or flashy green Plexi heels. Gold is worked in layers.
Arabesque motifs are laser cut-out, zip sliders are over-decorated, inviting us to enjoy a festive and highly decorated winter.

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