AW 20/21 season opener : a leap into the future

This season, fashion takes a deep breath… and composes a wondrous future in which to exist individually and collectively, in harmony with nature.

Soaring ahead. Rising up. Ascending. Looking to the future, to more spiritual, more human-centric fashions. Striving to be one with nature. Refocusing on the self, the body, and individual aspirations. Rediscovering the physical world of the senses, in harmony with the digital world. Drawing inspiration from the virtual world with all its magically shimmering screens. Partnering with high technology, to leap even further ahead.

Fashion’s image has taken a beating (overconsumption, pollution, frivolity…). But manufacturers and brands are taking positive steps. They continue to move towards greater ethical mindfulness, eco-responsibility and innovation, to propose fashions that are more and more focused on the essential, while also dreaming up the materials of the future, with approaches that are thoughtful, forward-looking and experimental. Consumers are well aware of this process, and transparency now constitutes one of their fundamental values.

To keep the thrill in dressing alive, fashion vaunts its power to foster dreams, to enchant. By being fair, readable and respectful, but also by proposing a way to stand out, to nurture one’s difference, to express oneself, either unobtrusively or openly. To take shelter, find protection, invent a parallel world, a better world, with a fired-up dose of imagination.

Nature in its powerful, deep, fantasized and transformed version provides a profound source of inspiration. We draw from it dense and lively shades, enthralling brights, dark pigments, pale tints, and new neutrals infused with pinks, as if humanized. Colours and decorations signal a vital need for fantasy, a shelter from the gloom.

The texture and substance of materials are therefore of paramount importance. Without overlooking the endless search for lightness, which defines freedom and agility, a new approach is emerging in featherweight thicknesses and foamy consistencies. These facilitate daily comfort and enhance fluidity, for unconstrained mobility and reassuringly genuine handles.

In a mysterious and exciting atmosphere, dreams are rooted in technology and sustainable development, and come to life in a confident and happy season. Fully ready to leap ahead!

Discover more about the Première Vision’s major influences during the trend seminars at the Première Vision New York and Paris shows.