Traditional and innovative leathers from Alran Mégisserie

Alran S.A.S. Mégisserie, located in the south of France’s Tarn region, has been honing its expertise since 1903. The company combines tradition and innovation to create responsible, superior-quality leather.


By working goat, calf and buffalo skins with passion and energy, this tannery produces articles for leather goods, upholstery, bookbinding, cases, footwear, orthopedics and more. With a strong cultural heritage spanning more than a century and a unique set of know-hows, the company is now investing for the future with its customary passion.

Specialists in hand-boarded Madras goatskin, Alran SAS also develops a range of smooth goat and calf skins, metallic, pearly and printed hides, suede goatskins and nubuck calf. It is also reviving vegetable tanning, regularly updating its vast array of leather handles and grains.

With technical resources and a modernised machine park, Alran SAS constantly develops new fabrications to serve a French and international clientele in search of innovation and specific items: drop-stop, two-tones, metalized, pearlised, pull-up, etc.

Customer service and support, responsiveness, reliability and flexibility are the foundations of the tannery’s customer relations – as seen in the very moderate production minimums (20m² / colour lot) for any type of request. .

The result of its latest natural-dyeing research, the Natural Indigo Goat leather worked in a denim spirit is made from a natural pigment extracted from the indigo leaf.

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