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To illustrate the core theme of the AW 15/16 season, 3D Encounter, Première Vision Accessories (formerly Modamont) joined forces with the company Multistation to introduce you to a new industrial revolution: 3D printing.

At the heart of a Fab Lab, the THINK 3D area provided information on the issues facing the new 3D printing market and the various methods of printing, and also allowed us to experience the printing “live” with a bank of 5 printers and 1 3D scanner. There will also be a DTP demonstration area, allowing visitors to understand all the stages in the manufacture of a 3D object.

3D printing was initially conceived for the aeronautical industry, and offers great potential for changes to production methods, opening up new horizons such as plastic, wax or metal prototype development for the fashion, jewellery and design industries. This technology, initially developed by MIT, makes it possible to produce an object by additive manufacturing based on a digital file. It is the only technique that allows items to be designed without having to take into account technical constraints such as draft angles, beams, gating, the price of the mould, etc.

Multistation company has provided leading industrial customers with complex digital manufacturing equipment since 1987. In response to the decline in industrial activity in France at the turn of the century, Multistation had to adapt to the market requirements, in its search for increasingly customized products and meet the new expectations of the factories for agile and adaptive production systems. New industrial revolution, industry 4.0, factory of the future…all disruptive concepts affecting the realm of traditional production means and their introduction on the market.

From HIGH TECH system to “CO WORKING”

Multistation has positioned itself as a provider of two different types of tools in order to face these new challenges:

  • Very sophisticated units with high market access, where technological innovations coexist with design methods, processes and new materials.
  • Smaller and more specialized units with low market access, industrial citizen-based approach, premised on new societal paradigms of “co-working”. 


Metal additive manufacturing, well known as 3D printers, is the first niche in which Multistation has offered comprehensive solutions of very high quality consisting of new “progressive design” software, of additive manufacturing process (laser melting bath systems, electron beams…), with materials such as titanium… With these new design and manufacturing products, parts considered as not feasible with traditional means can now be manufactured. Multistation groups these new services under the term “lattice engineering”.


The second segment is “micro factories”, manufacturing in small series with simples means (3D printers, 3D scanners, micro millers, laser cutting machines…) for nearby customers looking for differentiation, customization and deadline, generally located in areas with low industrial development. Multistation has become a turn-key service provider with a global market purpose. Multistation’s approach of “micro factories” is made up of constant inventive research of new machines, accreditation, certification procedures… as well as the provision of all related services, impact assessments, tutorials, data banks of products to be manufactured…


Particularly on the luxury industry, MULTISTATION proposes complete digital manufacturing systems, by delivering solutions to every stage of the creation, the modeling and the manufacturing of parts: software of computer-aided design, rapid prototyping, milling, 3D digitalization, wax 3D printers, engraving and laser welding …
Specialist of the rapid prototyping and the digital manufacturing, Multistation has been one of the first to trivialize the use of these digital technologies in workshops by making them accessible to the largest number.

Find the THINK 3D space on Modamont between the aisles H and I.

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