The Spring-Summer 23 teaser

Spring-Summer 23 is shaping up to be a season of rationality and positive energy, a reflection of a complex world where the real and the virtual, the natural and the artificial, the slow and the fast, the sustainable and the frivolous all interact with each other.

Beyond merely coexisting, these binary concepts are bound to and complement each other, to better address changes in consumer lifestyles, needs and behaviors.

The season invites us to explore unknown and exciting fields, from microcosms, to the study of imaginary and intangible spaces, of augmented and virtual realities.

The connection between nature and technology  –  a fundamental source of inspiration, creation and innovation – will serve as an aesthetic reference, an innovative and indispensable creative tool.

Striving for a balance between a virtuous design process and the frivolity of fashion, spring-summer 23 is built on the interaction of these approaches, on emotion, common sense and intuition.

So let’s explore unknown worlds, immerse ourselves in new ecosystems to seek out the unusual and a creative stimulus. Our search takes us to imaginary places and metaverses, places to rediscover, submerged worlds to wonder at and admire, the abyssal depths of the sea world.
Let’s truly observe nature, its changes and nuances – because we have to start with Mother Earth to meet consumers’ changing lifestyles, needs and behaviors. We’ll be designing our future by drawing on the relationship between nature and technology: science and research will team with the development of materials, colors and new production techniques to take innovation and creation beyond their current limits.
Let’s learn to listen to each other again, to follow common sense and intuition so we may be guided by rediscovered emotions and connections that bring us closer not just to nature, but to the human experience.
Let’s continue to try to slow down, to shake off conventional tenets and seasonal timings, to adjust to complex, manifold rhythms. Let’s open up aesthetic and temporal constraints by looking at circularity from every viewpoint.
Let’s think about digital in all its forms. Thanks to technology, we can embark on a truly mindful journey in search of a new balance between creativity and eco-responsibility.

The future is already here.

Stay tuned for the spring-summer 23 season in its globality to be developed very soon!

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