The Raw materials at the heart of the debates through 8 talks!

Wool, linen, lace, new textile developments, innovative or eco-responsible materials and also 3D design: so many themes that herald passionate and exciting exchanges!

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Innovation Talks Area (hall 3) and Fashion Talks Area (hall 6).

Tuesday 11 February 20

4-5 pm

WOOL : Sustainable, high-performance and profuse : have you (really) met wool ?

No matter how far innovation grow eco-fibers, the most sustainable ones will always be natural and raw. Wool has amazing technical properties and qualities allowing many uses. In between excess and underutilization, how do brand proceed and what standards consumers refer to ?

Talk proposed and moderated by Victoire Satto, The Good Goods

A representative from the Woolmak Company
Pascal Gautrand, Founder of Made In Town & Le Bureau Tricolor re-building the French wool industry
Sophie Duflos, Head of product department at Fusalp
Marie-Emmanuelle Demoures, Head of product department at Balzac Paris
Matthew Pedersen, Country Manager UK & Turkey

Innovation Talks Area hall 3, in English

Wednesday 12 February 20

11 am-12 pm

The illusory quest for “eco-materials”

An awareness of the environmental havoc caused by various human activities has now been well established, and there’s a real desire to “do less harm”. But all too often, unfortunately, the solutions proposed aren’t in fact very effective. Often, they’re based on simplistic or even meaningless concepts and terms, without considering the complexity of the problems that need to be addressed. Today, it’s crucial to take a critical approach to the solutions proposed, and maybe start taking a humbler look at how nature, so sorely abused by human activities, has been successfully functioning and producing for millions of years with such a subtle balance… to go back to Earth school as it were, to learn from the efficient and enduring solutions found in the evolution of life itself.

Quentin Hirsinger, Chairman of matériO’ SAS

Innovation Talks Area hall 3, in french translation in english

1-2 pm

Is the next generation of sustainable fashion in the hands of radical game changers?

This panel will host some of the most out-of-the-box innovators in the fashion and textile business. Some of the most visionary innovators with a lateral thinking approach who lead unexpected and experimental paths towards a sustainable future. The talk will offer a glimpse of the many directions creativity could venture into going beyond traditional routes.

Talk proposed and moderated by Giusi Bettoni, founder and CEO of the influential CLASS Ecohub platform for sustainable fashion

Kenji Higashi,  Head of Business Development & Sustainability at Spiber Inc.
Andras Forgacs founder and CEO of Modern Meadow 
Femke Zijlstra Business Development DyeCoo
Innovation Talks Area hall 3, in English

4-5 pm

Wool. The Natural Choice

Join The Woolmark Company as we reveal why Merino wool is the ultimate ingredient in responsible luxury fashion. This seminar will explore the fibre’s eco-credentials, unique properties, innovative applications and be inspired by the The Wool Lab Spring/Summer 2020/21 edition. Discover what makes wool a considered choice as we discuss transparency throughout the supply chain.

Professor Sheila-Mary Carruthers
Lindsay Taylor, Sales Director, Holland & Sherry
Kjersti Kviseth, Lifecycler, Norway
Teatum Jones –  Rob Jones and Catherine Teatum

Fashion Talks Area hall 6, in English

4-5 pm

Linen : the antic fiber of our future.

From embroidered bedsheets to shapeless summer shirts : where you see linen clichés, we know an incredible fabric that is natural, ecological, local and absolutely chic. How about deconstruct biais and build a sustainable fashion future on a solid fiber ?

Talk proposed and moderated by Victoire Satto, The Good Goods

Stefano Albini, President Albini Group
Geoffrey Bruyère, Founder CEO BonneGueule
Marie Demaegdt, Textile and Sustainability Director CELC
Dorothee Gouze, Collection Director, Icicle

Innovation Talks Area hall 6, in English

Thursday 13 February

11 am-12 pm

Textile innovation for the most perfect fabric touch

How does the tactile perception, the beautiful finishing, the behavior of your fabrics can improved the perceived quality of your brand ?

What recent innovations of weavers and manufacturers are the most remarkable ?

Josh Stevens (Junior RTW Designer – Loewe) Romain Lescroat (PDG Sophie Hallette) Jean-Laurent Perrin (CEO – Tissages Perrin & Fils) Chloé Foglierini (Brand and concept development director – Salon Septième) – Moderator

Innovation Talks Area hall 3, in English

2.30-3.30 pm

What are the prospects for Leavers lace, a perpetual source of creativity?

Sophisticated and innovative, Leavers lace contributes to the creative renewal of fashion and luxury. Its heritage and archives are a perpetual source of creativity. During this round table, Olivier Theyskens will compare the past and contemporary creation through the use of Dentelle de Calais-Caudry(R) and two lacemakers will discuss the current research leads for this exceptional technique.

Moderated by Pascal Gautrand, founder of MADE IN TOWN

With : Olivier Theyskens ; Sébastien Bento Soares, CEO /  Darquer ; Julien Bracq, General Manager / Dentelles Jean Bracq

Fashion Talks Area hall 6, in English

3.30-4.30 pm

3D design vision of sport – in the heart of creative process

3D design revolutionizes the creative process and challenges innovation in sports products. An overview from the design phase to materials to retail.

Olivier Drevon – Head of design – Melrose Design Studio

Fashion Talks Area hall 6, in English

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