The latest wave in Beachwear

A lively blend of the latest trends in athleisure and sustainability, next season’s beachwear directions are expressed in all-new looks and fabrics, combining technical sophistication and respect for the environment, fantasy and colour


For Italy’s Penn Italia and Brugnoli, the surging crossover between sportswear and fashion, performance and style provides real inspiration for their upcoming collections.

Penn Italia offers laser-cut knits and laminated fabrics that rely on the seductive appeal of lace and the comfort of ultra-soft, breathable and quick-drying fabrics.


Brugnoli rounds out its range of Explosive by Brugnoli® performance fabrics – perfect fit, breathable and quick-drying – with extra-flat jacquard-patterned fabrics (ExtraJacquard by Brugnoli®) that give free rein to fantasy, for total looks that carry swimwear motifs onto airy trousers and go-anywhere beach shirts with ultra-feminine details. Brugnoli is also committed to a sustainable approach, thanks to its Brecycled (pre-consumer recycled polyamide), Br4® (bio-based polyamide) and B/back (accelerated biodegradability polyamide) product ranges.

Savyon variety of textures, patterns and macramé to give technological fabrics a handmade look and focuses on sustainable yarns such as biodegradable Soul Eco nylon.


Inplet Pletiva, for its part, is revamping its beachwear offering – from solid-coloured fabrics to powernets, mesh, elastic jacquards and knitwear – with metallic effects that add a touch of sparkle to camouflage and geometric motifs. The company is also putting Kuraray technology, using polyvinyl alcohol gel beads waste-water treatment processes, in place not only for the company, but also for its neighbouring villages.

At Sedatex, fabrics incorporating recycled Eco-Vero yarns and quick-drying featherweight bases in PA and PE are enriched with geometric motifs inspired by Spanish modernism (Barcelona collection), narrative micro-patterns inspired by beach-living (Micro-beach), and even motifs celebrating the planet right down to their decoration (Save the Ocean).

Much more than just a passing trend, sustainability has always been the keystone of Tessitura Taiana Virgilio‘s corporate philosophy. Forging a green path right down to the choice of raw materials, this Italian company relies heavily on polyamides derived from castor oil (the sporty Stream range) and New Life™ recycled polyesters  (Golfo and Laguna collections) for its new beachwear collections.

Comfort, seduction or ecology, why choose when you can have it all?

Discover the list of beachwear specialists that you will find from 11 to 13 February 2020.

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