SS21 Pre-collections: Diaphanous fluctuations

A vibrant light and a subtle radiance embellish surfaces. From textile accessories to silkies, compositions create shines that are sometimes discreet, sometimes as palpable as plastic. Metallics are slipped into leathers. Plays on transparency and cut-yarn motifs enliven powdery, pearly fabrics.

A glimpse inside this highly contemporary wave.

Dutel: a very contemporary radiance

For summer 2021, this jacquard specialist makes the most of shiny effects on vibrant, crunchy surfaces.

Shine is significantly present in the summer 2021 pre-collections.
In taffetas and voiles, grounds are enriched with see-through shines and a cellophane crunch. The colour palette is built on whites and pearly whites.
Surfaces are covered in iridescent yarns to create hairy effects. Transparent yarns are figured in mini-cut yarns. Light, cottony jacquards are lit up with a pearly sheen, patterns vibrate thanks to colourfully iridescent yarns. Filigreed or boldly outlined flowers and brightly arrayed stripes are enhanced with a colourful gleam.

SCF: Luminous accessories

This French accessory specialist pairs a complete mastery of its rare looms with skilfully worked materials to offer a subtle palette marked by shine and sparkle – whether lightly powdery or intensely deep.

A subtle shine shimmers across this French manufacturer’s vast range of textile accessories: fine and narrow lace, ribbons braided on wooden looms, galloons, straps, cords and more. The intensity of the shine is proportionate to the fibre composition – shiny polyester yarn, viscose, mercerized cotton. Masterful glazing and polishing techniques also lend matt cotton yarns their powdery look. The range of fine laces reveals graduated powdery and discreetly sparkling effects.

Inserted metalloplastic yarns round out the array, while little touches of golden threads accentuating the luminosity of flat braids or slip into cords.

A deft use of colourways and contrasts adds to the desired luminosity and shine. The radiance of a viscose ribbon thus attains its full depth through a contrast of intense burgundy and apricot.


Alran: brilliantly restrained shine

Finishings at this tanner-tawer ensure skins with a contained shine and turning firmly away from ultra-smooth surfaces.

Shine takes a novel direction at tanner-tawer Alran.
Unlike ultra-smooth varnished surfaces, vegetable-tanned goatskin leathers feature a vivid shine and glazed effects on drummed grainy leathers.

This finishing results in discreet diffracted effects. The varnish marries the grain, giving the skin a sportier look. Other variants on irregular shine can be found in pull-up leathers with slightly darkened nuances. The radiant gleam is boosted by a harmony of warm lipstick or flame red colourways, and tempered in green or swimming-pool blue.

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