Spring-Summer 23: Sustainability

Between pragmatism and frivolity, how can we reconcile attractiveness and sustainability?

Committed to change, fashion is working to ensure the coexistence of style with social and environmental considerations, throughout the entire product life cycle. A virtuous conception which is enriched by the diversification of collections.

The old favorites, organic fibers and linen, are joined by a wide variety of propositions. Hemp, nettles and cellulosic fibers from the recycling of textiles or agricultural by-products are entering the wardrobe. The exploration of functionalities and renewable resources is producing some ingenious developments in areas such as synthetic materials, tanning processes, dyes and finishes.

Eco-responsible qualities are becoming more refined, while demonstrating resistance to all tests, allowing for multiple uses and extending their lifespan. Production is traced from end to end to guarantee product origin, the transparency of processing operations, efficient management of water, energy and waste and an audit of the environmental impacts.

In a fashion landscape that is developing between the real and the virtual, respect for resources and people have become the cornerstone of a hybrid world, open to dialogue in order to build a better future.

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