Spring-Summer 23: The leather color range

For Spring-Summer 2023, the colour range developed by the PV teams rejects obvious binarity and seeks harmony in apparent contradiction. Here the accent is placed on two key themes from the general range particularly suited to leathers. In one, colours are inspired by the plant kingdom, thus resonating with the season’s attraction for raw materials and natural-looking skins.

This range of colours also corresponds to new way of approaching craftmanship. In the other, more synthetic and sensitive colours emerge. Worked in more or less translucent layers on the skin, they offer the season a certain candour and freshness. These chromatic harmonies, that at first glance seem antinomic, enter into communion on the bags and shoes of the next spring-summer season.

General range 

The first theme is inspired by nature and reminds us of its slow timelessness. New neutrals anchored in a languid approach describe a certain concept of timeless style. Rich in pigments, the deep colours applied to the season’s skins tell a tale of textured minerality and fertile, dried vegetation.

Pigmented minerality

The range contains two pigmented darks that make reference to deep-rooted elements. Terre violine and encre d’algues should be imagined on the skins of mysterious reptiles, like these vegetable-tanned fish leathers. Or on the shrunken grain of these bull leathers where the relief alternates between matt and shine.The finish imitates a parched earth and renews the leather accessories of the season.

The sable verdi colour is inspired by fertile, dried plants, and enhances the texture of grained deer leather. It combines with accessories with exacerbated naturality and raffia or jute buckles to infuse bags and shoes with a very subtle arts & craft vibe. In a similar register, the cold shade taupe cendré is magnified by glazed surfaces and transports craftmanship into a more sophisticated realm.


Quirkily refreshing

Here colours are inspired by a more synthetic nature. They opt for a certain candour, a touch of pop, deliciously refreshing and acidified. Colours that promote textures and evoke a nature that is straight out of a high-tech laboratory. They are used on bag & shoe products combining references from the worlds of sport and urban usage.

The chlorophyll green, sève techno, is adapted to leathers subtly coated with a translucent wax and evokes the dew on a spring leaf to illuminate the rectangular volumes of shopping totes.

The pinks Chair corail and Pink flo display an impertinent freshness without ever becoming sentimental. Used on suede leathers with a velvety surface, they bring to pouches the sensuality of a fleshy succulent plant. These pinks take on a more digital look when they are used to decorate mini box bags in lightly iridescent grained leathers.

Blues remind us of the infinite abyss and the depths of the ocean, demonstrating the penchant for the aquatic world this season. Leathers have damp, gummy or jellified surfaces and are accompanied by 3D reliefs or laser cut-outs that are more or less realistic. Ideal for the season’s unisex bags and shoes – sneakers, back packs – which are heavily influenced by the technicity of sport.


Everything seems to oppose the two chromatic themes analyses above and yet the leather colours for the season combine seamlessly and work together to reveal astonishing harmonies.

Half-tone vibrations

A first scenario proposes half-tone vibrations. Pigmented and cold, neutrals are associated with refreshing and off-beat colours to describe a less caricatural naturality. Taupe cendré and encre noir can be used on exaggeratedly elaborate surfaces, ultra matt leathers thinned to the extreme or glazed, combined with gelatinous or aqueous textures to design urban totes with futuristic accents. Or sneakers assembled with a matt leather upper and a rubbery, coloured sole with multiple studs.


Antinomic combinations

In this second combination, the associations appear to be strongly contradictory at first glance. This is a key direction for reworking colour blocks this season. It is built around a neutral such as taupe cendré, to which are added two other bold and vibrant colours such as Meta Fuschia or Rouge necessaire. These associations expertly combine the city and sporty universes to create Outdoor sneakers that are both punchy and summery.

In a gender-neutral register, utilitarian back packs are produced in elegant, urbane leathers.Playing with textures, they are produced in delicate ranges such as Nude Mycellium and Rosy touch, combining papery appearances, micro-perforations and reptile skins. Other equally bold combinations resemble agglomerated materials and imitate a futuristic terrazzo. They can be imagined on sneaker soles in an upcycled spirit.


Find our other colour breakdowns for the Spring-Summer 2023 season as well as the colour range developed by the Première Vision fashion experts.

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