Turkey: A Hot Spot in Apparel Sourcing

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All countries have been battling the devastating pandemic for nearly two years and Covid-19 has impacted almost every sector including apparel. Apparel sourcing faces numbers of difficulties: demand volatility, supply chain disruptions, rising costs in terms of raw materials and global logistics. These challenges led executives of fashion companies to re-evaluate its sourcing practices and a shift to flexible, sustainable, ethical and consumer driven production.

Under these changing circumstances, Turkey has emerged as an important location in apparel sourcing mostly for European brands. European brands are much more focused on sourcing from near markets. Recently, a group of Danish apparel brands visited Turkey and held bilateral meetings with manufacturers in İstanbul, largest city of Turkey and İzmir, located Aegean side of Turkey.

The representatives from British online fashion retailer Boohoo also held a meeting to meet Turkish manufacturers and aims to increase its purchase share in Turkey in the coming period. According to the Mc Kinsey survey attended by the executives of leading fashion brands, Turkey was ranked as the third hot spot country in sourcing after Bangladesh and Vietnam by 2025 because of its great location.

Besides its nearshoring advantage, Turkish apparel sector have many distinguished characteristics. The investments for apparel and textile sectors in Turkey are increasing. Turkish manufacturers have ability to meet MOQ demands of their customers at very low levels. Moreover, Turkey has a fair and equal working environment, young and talented designers.

The unchangeable agenda of apparel industry with the pandemic is undoubtedly sustainability. Most of the companies in Turkey are getting certificates about organic production and sustainability.

Finally, Turkish apparel industry has the experience gained from working with the world’s leading brands for many years. Global supply chain crisis in fashion industry caused by the pandemic, Turkey remains its position as a reliable partner that is able to produce faster and sustainable production for European brands and also for US brands mainly due to its talented and well-organized design teams, production quality, manufacturing capabilities and vertical integration.

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