Interview with Supplier : Marini Industrie

For the Marketplace launch, we will give the floor to Premiere Vision suppliers to speak about the evolution of the fashion industry and the Marketplace project. Today, discover Marini Industrie with his Owner designer director Francesco Marini.


Première Vision : Please present your company

Francesco Marini : Marini Industrie was founded in 1945 from my grand father Mario Marini and Mr Enzo Cecconi. I’ m third generation in company. We started produce wool fabrics until late ‘70 . In the early ‘80 we introduced new fibers like viscose polyammide , silk and elastan.


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PV : What are your specialities in the fashion industry ?

FM : Now we are master of stretch linen for spring summer and famous for our washable wool ( H2WOOL) for fall winter colllection. We have 3 different lines : Marini e Cecconi , our historical and sofisticate collection, Ospiti del Mondo , younger and casual, and Assotex, fabric for coat in wool and cashmere blend.


PV : What do you think about the future of the fashion industry ? What are your expectations ?

FM : I think new business models are introduced in fashion business to give new energy and to revitalize it. I’ m thinking to new players that use online sell only or want to put traceability and transparency on their supply chain to give value to the garment they sell. Consumer want to know more about what they buy and sustainability is the key of success ( we are Detox Greenpeace signer ). Brands need to be partner with supply chain and has to understand their problem in terms of rising cost but supply chain has to give more services.


Fabrics - Marini Industrie


PV : What do you know about the Premiere Vision Marketplace ?

FM : I have great expectations because I think Premiere Vision has a great panel of brand on his database and great reputation. It has to do in the best way possible because we are in a dramatic moment where new rules has to be written and relationship between new generation are different from the past.


Linen Marini Industries


PV : With the Premiere Vision Marketplace, sourcing evolves. In your opinion, what changes will the Marketplace bring to the future, compared to today?

FM : As I told we are talking about something new and it will be very important in a first moment to keep connected producers and customer and let them know news on product or process. I will not be surprised if in 10 years physical exhibitions will change their role in an happening to meet customer giving at online support some part of the selling phase and a place where you could find informations on products in real time . I think we’ ll need both because part of the success of our collection is the “magic” of touching a beautiful fabric.


Marini Industrie was founded in 1945. They offer 3 different lines : Marini e Cecconi , the historical and sofisticate collection, Ospiti del Mondo , younger and casual, and Assotex, fabric for coat in wool and cashmere blend.

Discover more about Marini Industrie on their online marketplace store, click here.


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