Smart Luxury

The eco-responsible and smart wave is poised to enter the high-end tailoring and luxury leather-goods markets – with woollens enhancing the natural properties of wool and precious metal-free leathers.

Estethia GB. Conte and France Croco are both extremely well placed to attest to this new trend.  The former has specialised in high-end woollens since 1757, as part of a group that, like Marzotto, has been highlighting Italian excellence in wool, cotton, velvet, linen and silk for over a century. The second company is French, and has been known for over 50 years for its outstanding crocodile-skin treatments and tanning.

Both say they’re seeing a growing attention in their respective markets to environmental issues and corporate social responsibility. This means that tomorrow’s products have to be not only high-quality and attractive, but also sustainable and performant – in a word, smart.

Estethia Gb. Conte addresses this trend with its brand-new Wool+ line of woollens. This vast range of precious wools, whose highly classic look doesn’t hint at their surprising bi-stretch and easy-care properties, is the basis for a whole new approach to top-of-the-range tailoring.

The various proposals in the range – which can be lined with technical membranes and enriched with heat-sealed finishes – draw on wool’s natural properties to further an urban elegance that’s the essence of smart. Easy to care for, machine washable, and naturally heat insulating, Wool+ woollens help consumers forego both chemical agents and dry cleaning.

On the leather front, France Croco is jumping on the trend with a new range of metal-free skins. “Metal-free tanning is already well established for calf skin and lamb skins, but it’s still taking a while to become prevalent in the luxury market. We decided to take a proactive stance, because we think the issue of sustainability is increasingly a central concern of both buyers and consumers,” explained Riccardo Boschi and Gianmaria Antinolfi. Developed on crocodile, python, salmon and anaconda skins, metal-free tanning ensures excellent results both on natural skins and dyed or hand-painted developments.

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