Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 31

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion.

For this episode, we are pleased to welcome Franziska Dormann, Global Organic Textile Standard -GOTS- Representative (Germany/Austria/Switzerland).

« Now you can see that different partners and stakeholders of the industry are really interested in getting certified and getting the supply chain transparent on ecological as well as on a social criteria level. »

Known as the worldwide leading standard for organic fibers, GOTS, as you may call it, has become a reference tool for the fashion and textile industries regarding sustainability. It is a certification ensuring that natural fibers are organic and also produced in fair conditions.

What makes it interesting is that in a time where transparency seems unavoidable, certification is used as a common global language for both consumers and supply chain players. 

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And have a look at all the Gots certified Première Vision suppliers.

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