Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 28

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion.

For this episode, we are pleased to welcome Tony Tonnaer, CEO and founder of Kings of Indigo.

« The future of fashion is not sustainability, it’s circular approach of fashion. »

When Tony Tonnaer founded Kings of Indigo nine years ago, his objective was clear; to produce clothing in a sustainable way both socially and environmentally, without compromising on quality. He believed that neither sustainability nor quality had to be sacrificed in order to make beautiful garments. Since then, what it means to be ‘sustainable’ has evolved and become more intricate, and the future promises further changes.

The brand works with a clear objective; to lead the industry to clean up and change. This forward thinking has helped shape and change the path of fashion, Kings of Indigo always being two steps ahead of the rest. Kings of Indigo positions itself as a pioneer in this ever-changing sustainable fashion world, innovating with materials and sustainable production methods, constantly exploring how to reduce the impact on the planet and people; using its Five Pillars of Sustainability as cornerstones : Planet friendly materials, Water use, Social responsibility, Transport and Waste conscious.

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