Shindo: 40,000 trims available without MOQ

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SHINDO is a manufacturer of ribbons and trimmings. The products all result from the passion and skills of the production team.

S.I.C. Japanese top brand


S.I.C. is the Company’s original brand that signifies the development of ribbons and trimmings planned and produced by SHINDO. It comprises approximately 40,000 items. A large inventory is maintained, enabling SHINDO to deliver in-stock items, beginning at just one roll. (No MOQ)

SHINDO have established a quality assurance system, creating their own quality standards –‘’SDS (Quality Control Standards)’’ which are based on many different textile-related test methods and quality standards, closely matching the Company’s needs. These procedures serve to prevent the possible occurrence of any defects, enabling a swift response if any such errors occur, and providing confidence that these measures can only improve the quality and stability of SHINDO products.

Essential for your garment

RAYON GROSGRAIN RIBBON (SIC-100) -Best-selling item.

SHINDO have recently added 54 new colours and now this ribbon has 12 different sizes (5mm-100mm) and 201 colour options per size. Made from rayon material, the supple and elegant texture gives every product a luxurious finish. It can be used as an essential tape, from hats and accessories to shirts and suit jackets.


A mesh tape featuring excellent elasticity. The mesh structure opens by expansion and the trapped air inside is discharged outside. Since the tape itself is soft and thin, it is ideal for using with delicate stretch materials. This product can be incorporated into different clothing styles, such as sports shirts, full-zip hoodies or suit jackets. The application of this fabric helps to create a more comfortable, breathable and lightweight design.

We support customers all over the world.

SHINDO showrooms/ offices

-GERMANY (Remscheid)

-FRANCE (Paris)

-ITALY (Milano)

-SPAIN (Barcelona)

-USA (New York / Los Angeles)

-CANADA (Toronto)

-CHINA (Shanghai / Guangzhou / Beijing / Shenzhen / Shantou)

-HONG KONG(Kowloon)

-VIETNAM(Ho Chi Minh City)

-JAPAN(Tokyo / Osaka / Fukui)

More information:

SHINDO Global Site

SHINDO Online Catalog

Instagram: @shindo_sic_japan

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