San Patrignano: A laboratory of ideas

San Patrignano is a place of rebirth and a laboratory of ideas, a community of life where Young people discover their talents and find themselves. San Patrignano was founded in 1978 on the hills of Rimini, by the will of Vincenzo Muccioli and a group of volunteers, since then has welcomed over 25 thousand boys and girls with problems of addiction to substances for free, offering them a home, a family and the opportunity to learn a professional training or getting a degree.

Opportunities that over time have structured into training workshops like the San Patrignano Design Lab. Since the early eighties, this has developed as center of craftsmanship in which are conveyed over time the experience of carpentry, blacksmiths, leather work, the wallpaper and textile weaving.

The wooden hand loom is the instrument by which the added value of rare manual skills is revealed, a value gained from a transmitted culture over time. San Patrignano embodies the journey back in the traceability of a made in Italy made of craftsmanship and excellence. Essential fundamentals that added to creativity identify the meaning of vocational training workshops in San Patrignano where people get passionate during the recovery path, forming themselves towards a future profession. In recent years, thanks to Fondazione Zegna, the textile workshop has invested in enhancing an ancient artisanal craft updating it according to the tastes of the fashion market and design.

Active for over thirty years, today the textile laboratory counts about 40 girls and pursues successful collaborations with many luxury brands and designers as well as interior designers all over the world, including Bethany Williams.

The patient art of weaving, an exercise of discipline and meticulous care, gives birth to collections of scarves, stoles, fabrics and throws made of noble fibers, complex patterns, finished with various techniques and embellishments. The path of recovery and the regain of dignity in San Patrignano also involves the recognition of the value of beauty and the pursuit of quality as personal commitment. This is why attention to detail and passion for excellence are fundamental elements of the entire production of the Community laboratories. The proceeds from the sale of these products helps the economic self-sufficiency of San Patrignano that does not receive fees nor from the families nor by the State.


LEATHER / Septembre 2017




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