Première Vision New York: Exploring the unique characteristics of the American fashion market

Next month in Center415, the American fashion professionals will meet again at the Première Vision New York show, July 19 & 20. This unique rendez-vous in America’s fashion capital will showcase the collections of around 100 suppliers coming from 19 countries, as well as the latest fashion information & colors of Autumn-Winter 23-24.

But what makes the American market so special? We asked Celine Khawam, Textile historian & designer based in New York and fashion consultant for the Première Vision New York show.

How does the American market differ from the European market? 

“The American market differs from the European market firstly for its history. In contrast to Europe with its heritage of the great couture labels, most American designers gained their independence and recognition in the 1930s, having previously worked rather anonymously in department stores and in the shadow of Parisian haute couture. Their greatest contribution to the fashion industry is undoubtedly the sportswear style which refers to practical and comfortable outfits, that may or may not be coordinated, ideal for the various aspects of an active lifestyle. Driven by mass production, the American market has its roots in technology, pop culture, and ready-to-wear, which made fashion much less elitist by meeting the needs of consumers with its immediate, functional and accessible character. Meanwhile, the European market is mainly based on expert know-how, formal of traditions and the luxury industry.”

What are the most in-demand products for American buyers? 

“American buyers adapt to the demands of consumers and their lifestyle. Having said that, the US fashion industry is far from homogenous. In New York, for example, the style of the Upper East Side differs from that of Chelsea and is even further removed from the Brooklyn sub-cultures. American buyers are therefore looking for a rather eclectic range of products, as they seek to respond to a wider audience. Jeans are very popular, they are essential in all their formats, an American signature. Their universal appeal has historically brought social classes and genders closer, and their popularity has also carved them out a place in high fashion.

In a similar vein, the vintage aesthetic of thrift and second-hand stores has a considerable influence on the market, as it forms part of a growing trend towards upcycling and thrifting, creating new items from worn out or unwanted garments. Paradoxically, the technology of innovative materials, smart textiles for example, is intriguing for the variety of uses, the progress it represents and the scientific research it requires, which is encouraged by the United States.”

How is the American market responding to the growing demand for a more eco-responsible fashion? 

“In recent years, the American market has seen a rising popularity in designers-makers who are bringing handmade techniques into the 21st century and which align with the ethos of recycling and slow fashion. This movement is a response to the mass production of the textile industry and raises increasingly frequent ethical questions. Consequently, it feeds the collective consumer conscience and awareness, which became more acute during the pandemic.”

Eco-responsible fashion suggests a way of thinking and values that are difficult to render widespread in the current economic system. However, the American market is receptive to these changes and is closely observing the trajectory of emerging designers. Some well-known brands are playing their part by offering promising initiatives such as the Re-Creation program from Nike which involves drawing from vintage and unsold stocks to create new products designed and made locally. Biodegradable products, not tested on animals or supporting a social cause are also appreciated, as the consumer is trying to adopt a more eco-responsible lifestyle.”

To learn everything you need to know about the upcoming Autumn-Winter 23-24 season and to meet with your future suppliers, register now to attend the Première Vision New York event on July 19 & 20.

You will discover the new Première Vision color range, the exclusive film of the season and have the opportunity to attend 2 free Trend Tastings live presented by the Première Vision fashion team :


July 19 & 20 — 10am & 2pm

A fashion seminar presenting the season’s key messages and perspectives, for a full understanding of the synergies between fabrics, leathers, accessories, and motifs. With a decoding of the  seasonal color range and its harmonies, to assist in the development of fashion collections. 


July 19 & 20 — 11am & 3pm

A new seminar! Designed by the Première Vision fashion team to better target fashion-industry needs, it provides a concrete look at the season’s sustainable developments, with key trends and sustainable innovations in fabrics, leathers and accessories.  A can’t-miss event for effective, sustainable sourcing!  

Register now for PV NY

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