Panama Trimmings: a sustainable development

With the continuous and growing demand for PU leather to create vegan products, Panama Trimmings has been developing an oil derivative that is 100% fair and vegan. This new creation is a PU material made of vegetal polyols, developed by their R&D lab. it embodies all the sustainable features that the company looks for in synthetic skins: polymers from raw plan-related renewable materials, with great performance.

Panama Trimmings has developed a small hangtag to explain to explain to the consumer what labers are made on in a more iconic and easy way. It lets the consumer have the requested information thanks  to its specific design. Hangtags represent a fast and unusual way to communicate benefits of Viridis to customers and to educate them towards a more informed choice. 

Panama Trimmings is ranked VV in the Animal Free Fashion rating designed by LAV. Viridis is also approved by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization in the world. 

PU where Viridis comes from is a thermoplastic aromatic polyurethane made of polyols polyethers. It is synthetized from a bacterial fermentation of dextrose, coming from a specific OGM corn that is created for industrial and chemical sectors. Viridis, having more than 70% bio-based content, perfectly embodies the prototype of the eco-friendly material: a renewable source with no impact on the food chain. 

Their PU green leather is the first worldwide to be born exclusively for labels. Its 1,5mm thickness and vintage look, thanks to the presence of special waxes that give it a natural pull-up effect, together with the possibility to be hot printed, make it comparable to real leather we commonly use for labels. However, it can be used for many other outcomes, such as bags or shoes. 

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