With Olivenleder, leather is greener

In an effort to combine luxury craftsmanship and responsible production, Wet-Green has developed Olivenleder®, a line of fully biodegradable leathers tanned using olive leaves with the help of patented olive leaf extract tanning agent. They call it Luxtainability®.

Amy_and_Ivor_Baby_Shoes_OL_2Without ever losing sight of the quality of a leather that’s as pliable as it is durable, the German company works in partnership with Mediterranean olive farmers, from whom they recover unexploited leaves to create a completely non-corrosive tanning agent free of any harmful substances. Its active components are also found in the healthy part of the extra vergine olive oil as well as in anti-ageing cosmetic products.

Olivenleder leathers are also true time-savers in the production and marketing chain: the highly toxicpre-tanning phase is simply replaced, and the very limited use of chemical agents exempts them from REACH regulations.

This is leather that’s healthy for people and the environment, of an astonishing quality and available in all colours, a boon to both luxury and ethical fashion, and in a range of prices in line with those of classic leathers. Wet-green’s tanning agent wet-green OBE to manufacture Olivenleder® leathers has been awarded Gold certification from Cradle to Cradle and a “Very Good” label from Dermatest. It is one of the 30 products in the world to have reached the Platinum level of the Material Health certification.


Find them in the Smart Square, Hall 3, and take a stand for more ethical leather!

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