The nuanced artistry behind differentiating materials

Pre-collections continue moving towards ultra-personalized offerings.

From weave plays to special yarn choices to finely worked accessories, products express their unique characteristics. Traditional materials are subtly updated with new compositions, fanciful yarns and discreet visual effects. Micro-motifs, semi-plains, seersuckers and stripes are all reinvented. Exclusive customizations and variations enhance these proposals with novel materials ready to fashion singular wardrobes.

Bélinac: Plains by day, jacquards by night

Thanks to its plain and jacquard looms, the silk weaver skilfully whips up the ingredients of a two-sided collection: light and micro-plain faux plains on one side, flamboyantly figured for evening on the other

Each season, the development of specific products represents a major part of Bélinac’s work. For this, the specialist taps into the full potential of its two families of weaving looms.

The machines for plain fabrics mounted with silk warps give birth to a family of semi-plain fabrics worked in cotton/silk and cotton/silk/metalloplastic-yarn blends.  The visual effect is restrained, light, and set off with touches of shine: micro-patterns, serge, small honeycombs, zigzags, etc. A discreet sophistication is achieved through blends of materials and plays on double or triple dyes, to accentuate the depth of each motif.

The visual effects are more pronounced on the jacquard side. Laminates and metallic yarns updated snake patterns in an original way. After weaving, the shrinking of the elastic warp reveals raised surfaces and patterns, quite like embroidery. Fantasy that’s ideal for special evenings.


Linea Ellebi: custom decorative designs and accessories

For the summer 2021, the specialist in accessories and embellishments gives pride of place to leather and deep, luminous colourways. 

A personalized offer of accessories and decoration is the foundation of this Florentine manufacturer’s wide range of developments. Braiding, the application of rhinestones, rivets and studs, macramé, floral motifs, hand-embroidery, are all as much a matter of precision mechanics as of artisanal know-how. Each season, the company’s core production is addressed to the particular specifications of its customers. New directions for summer 2021 take a fresh look at leather products, where Linea Ellebi combines rope, braids, and chain and cork inserts. The colours are drawn from the Première Vision range, with a notable emphasis on the palette of brights, to highlight fantastic floral motifs derived from traditional Japanese Sakura.

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