Le Mohair des Fermes de France: a well-rounded fur industry

Created in 2016, the Mohair des Fermes de France association brings together producers, breeders, processors and marketers of the mohair sector. The result of the gradual structuring of a French sector entirely dedicated to angora goat wool, it is responsible for the development and promotion of the “Le Mohair des Fermes de France” brand for SICA Mohair. The association brings together the various players in the sector whose well-branched network extends throughout the national territory and allows them to work hand in hand.

Thanks to a work of selection and improvement of the breed of its goats with the abundant fleece, the brand produces a mohair of very high quality, a rare and precious material with unequalled comfort. Depending on the function or aesthetics that are sought, pure mohair wool can be woven or knitted and mixed with other natural fibres such as silk, wool, or technological fibres like Lycra®. It can also be dyed to obtain fabrics with shimmering colors.

Such quality is only produced in small quantities and the breeders and producers who are members of the association focus above all on animal welfare, local production and a direct relationship with the customer. Keen to make their know-how known and to pass on the story of a passion, each farm offers a visit of its facilities and sells its items without any intermediary: on the spot, by correspondence, at fairs or producer shows. Since 1994, the technical standards established on combed wool ribbons from the association’s member farms have been a guarantee for consumers. The finished products thus bear the name of the mark making it possible to attest their origin and their quality.

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