AW 24-25 Harmony Focus: Textures

At the intersection of background and decor, warp and weft, effect yarns and binding yarns, colors engage in a complex interplay of textures.

Dark Rusts

In a palette where dark and warm hues intermix with tonal shades of grey, structures are inspired by corrosion, with its whimsical irregularities, exquisite signs of wear and jewel-like patches of rust. Brushed tweeds subtly shot through with lamé threads, frothy thrown yarns with glittery cores, glossy panne velvets, sequined organza and frayed jacquards reveal warm glimmers beneath their subdued surfaces.

Textured Darks

At the edge of the visible spectrum, purples, midnight blue and darkened reds interweave subtly raised effects across black warps, tactilely amplifying faint contrasts. In monochromatic darks, banker stripes and Saxony checks lend an imperceptible dash of elegance to classic suitings. When worked in absolute monochrome, however, black shakes off its usual reserve and takes a theatrical turn: lacquered damasks, schiffly embroidery, fringes, beads and sequins allow light to pass through their open structures, or capture fleeting flashes with mysterious and dramatic accents.

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