AW 24-25 Harmony Focus: Gradients

This Autumn Winter 24-25, graduated shades break with the usual artificial hues in favor of a blend of the natural shades of animal and plant fibers. Blurry effects are reimagined, right up to lively and fibrous graphic expressions.

Precious Naturals

In a subdued palette, pops of color highlight natural hues dominated by beiges and browns.

Tones melt into rich, sophisticated and tender gradations on brushed broadcloths and soft felted fabrics. They become intermingled and intertwined, further blurred by the fibers of woolen laces, growing even more refined when embroideries are layered over prints or jacquards.  A replay of the chromatic blurs found in nature.

Sprayed Brights

Brights are energetically mixed this Autumn-Winter, while carefully avoiding an abrupt or grating look, in a mad jumble of colors. These are accentuated by hairy structures with a combed or shaggy allure that can go from thick fringes, to float-yarn jacquards to frizzy tie-dye faux furs. Raised-yarn structures project color in boisterous splashes, whether naive-looking in thick wools or vigorously spirited in silky viscose.

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