Getting together

Getting together, meeting up, sharing, inventing, building

We’re delighted to be back together for the launch of the coming seasons and the start of autumn winter 2122. We’re thrilled and also determined to peer into this not-so-distant future with you, so we can begin imagining, designing and building it together in a wholly different way.

The fabulous moments of getting together again, creatively, are back. It’s time to fully savour the pleasure of seeing each other, of rediscovering our 3D selves, of sharing in order to build, of twisting and distorting to invent new materials and decorative ingredients. It’s a time for alliance – not conflict – between the physical and virtual worlds, to find more thoughtful, humbler solutions full of valuable doubts and constructive common sense.

To be able to finally make room for unfiltered voices, richer for the incredible experiences gained through our many digitised interactions and video-conferences of the past few weeks. To rediscover ideas in their 360-degree entirety and give free rein to conversations, outside of our digital screens and interfaces, which can both facilitate and divide. To leave space for impromptu meetings and surprise, to commune, not with ourselves, enriched by hours of meditation and yoga sessions, but together, enriched by these new realities.

Let’s open a new era of relationships after all this time of connected-separation, let’s invent new games with reality, like multi-player video games, to surpass expectations and generate fantastic emotions and sensations.

Let’s pool our sensitivities and our strengths to enhance the bonds between materials and people, let’s hone their powers to create social connections and bonds, enriched by digital experiences. Let’s dare to be creative, to find a new equilibrium in how we choose and design products and clothing. Let’s expand the power of material as a link, a connection between people, as a symbol of a new aesthetic. Let’s give handles and touch a sense of nobility and throw all our energy into finding their momentary connections, through the use of words, images, motion and music, to defy caricatures of normality.

Let’s set down the roots of the season’s coming styles, let’s champion a search for innovative, strong and supportive bonds. Let’s start this season with unexpected encounters, boldly assumed contradictions and amusing oddities. Let’s allow ourselves to feel emotions that are sometimes caustic. Let’s move ahead into a season that extols the freedom of unconventionality and majestic, fearless and voluntary alliances. Let’s take an unmitigated pleasure in moving the creative process towards a clear activism and more thoughtful, generous, dynamic and consistent practices.

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