Fashion Guest : Gloria Jover


Gloria Jover, founder of EGJ, Estudio Gloria Jover, specialized in textile and design consultancy, is also  prospective researcher and product strategy consultant, analyzing consumer’s behaviour, colour and concept forecaster and university teacher in design. She represents Spain at the international concertations of Première Vision.
In this article, she shares her vision on decoration and fantasy, giving the impulse that will be a redempting creative force for this AW22-23 season.

Confronted with fashions imprisoned by labels and conformity, confronted with nostalgia for the past,
rebelliousness is now envisioned in the context of a wilder approach to romanticism –
a heightened sensitivity that vaunts originality and exalts fantasy as a path to redemptive creativity. 

There’s an instinctive break with romantic classicism in order to posit a more masculine vision, a wilder force, in an emotional revolution intimately tied to nature and its upheavals.
Melancholy now requires activism, with a power that bursts from the shadows to surprise us. Still lifes are reborn with the freshness of a budding petal blossoming under renewed hope.

Flowers, leaves, bulbs, fruits and spores struggle to create hyper-realistic or hyper-artistic aspects, in an exhilarating yearning to explore the dark side of nature, where intuition takes the place of reason, and raw instinct replaces tameness, for artistic expressions that ensnare and seduce us.

The grounds that give shape to this new fantasy are of critical importance. Shiny, gelatinous fabrics that fill our hands with a feeling of sensual matter, textured transparencies, compressed, compact and absorbent materials – all provide a perfect foundation for motifs that emerge from the shadows. Designs are revamped and strive to enhance the natural world with a certain subjectivity, for a modern approach that sweeps away the codes of traditional romanticism.

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