Fashion Guest : Desolina Suter

Desolina Suter, the founder of Uragano Studio and a creative director and teacher with a broad expertise in fashion, materials and colors, represents Italy at Première Vision’s international meetings. Here she outlines her vision for Autumn-Winter 22-23 and her belief in a renewal focused on precision and diversification.

The material of the future depends on our own choices. It will be the fruit of what we decide to do, to create. But above all, what we decide to be. Today, after a year in which the world faced the most challenging test of our times, a new beginning must be not just imagined, but built.
Facing this fresh chapter in our lives means facing a period of transition with strength and confidence. It also means being aware that the journey ahead will take us on a new and continuously changing path. Which means we must be ready to change as well.

In life, as in design, it is critical to keep moving and evolving, to create something new – all while remaining mindful of the consequences of our choices. In this time of myriad uncertainties, when all the normal references are being transformed and languages reinvented, we have to find new paradigms to convey our vision of tomorrow. We must face the future ahead of us with a free and open mind, yet with an awareness of the challenges to be met.
At the same time, we have to safeguard the essential principle that, in such extraordinary historical moments, the individual cannot triumph alone. Only by uniting, by giving strength to each other, can we truly bring out the best in each other, and see the future in a new way, a future that transports us into a new world. 

And above all, into a new society. What we decide today will shape our future. Individually, as well as professionally. That’s why our various skills and specialties must build on each other and join forces, to be stronger together. We don’t have to just unite different points of view. We have to completely change our point of view: on the world, on fashion, on production systems and by extension on a collection cycle that now appears to be governed by a calendar belonging to a world gone by, in the past.

Today, more than ever, these choices may seem contradictory, but that’s only how they appear. In reality, they reflect new approaches that are complementary rather than contradictory. This is where the philosophy of defining and diversifying becomes both real and fundamental: this is what complementary languages are about. It’s about peering through a magnifying glass to get a better, closer, look.
Revealing what is invisible, qualities that are hidden. Bringing into focus and illuminating a shadowy area, and showing without concealing, to highlight imperfection, humanity. Concentrating and focusing as a way to build in a new way, to include and accept others. Without ever ignoring the role of creative exuberance – that explosive zest for life – which also means being original, hyper-creative, free to make the most of our traditional skills and discover new ones, with drive and energy.
Clearly, common sense and socio-economic necessities call for innovative logic, and a new and even more precise ability to select. Design is perfected, proposes without excluding, and opts for eco-friendly innovation – the right product for each sector, at the right time and in line with consumer expectation.

This is how the recovery is taking shape: precise, diversified, and full of positive energy.

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