The autumn-winter 22-23 teaser

Driven by a desire to pool energies, Autumn-Winter 22-23 is a call to come together and combine expertise. The season confidently affirms the strength and vitality of fashion, color and materials.
The color range posits bright pulsations and unfolding rhythms, like a pulsating heart enveloped in a benevolent softness.

Collaborations are intensifying, to propel us towards a future of new opportunities that we want to be sustainable, honest and deeply intoxicating.
The indispensable need for ecological approaches and sustainable development is obligatory, and provides a stimulating and innovative aesthetic.

The season proposes an intense visual experience that stirs up real emotions: surprise, astonishment, desire.
The digital language helps open new possibilities, to invent and produce in a different way.

To share in the creative power of AW 2223, come discover the season in its entirety at the physical version of the Première Vision Paris show on September 21-23, and at the show’s digital version on September 20-24.


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