Fashion Guest : Claude Vuillermet’s spring summer 22 leather choices

Claude Vuillermet, artistic director of Polyphème, shares with us her expertise in leather and fur trends at the Première Vision international concertations. She details us her favorites for the spring summer 22 season.

I invite you take a stroll through my highlights for summer 2022. We expect to see a summer illuminated by nature. Where simplicity combines with charm, where colours are refined and treatments are ultra-natural, without overlooking know-how and the demands of premium quality.

Ultra Black

This could be inspired by the French fable of the carp and the rabbit – an alliance of the incompatible, but instead it could be described as “stronger together”.
From the sea and from the land, a rabbit and a fish fell in love, an ultra matt black brought them together…
This deep shade, which takes its modernity from its matt finish, brings an intensity and character to these small surfaces that is resolutely design-oriented and graphic.
A small rabbit skin and the scales of a salmon coated in raw black produce an unusual and surprising texture that renders them precious and luscious

Blue Wave

A candid and stirring blue delicately colours the leathers of summer 2021.
Discreet but very present, it illuminates nappa leathers incised with small foamy waves, refreshes delicate lamb leathers with a bluey froth, imbues nubuck finishes with a spring-like softness.
There is a subtle promise in these matt skins, their surface seeming to be softened by a seraphic blue veil.

Jours de Fête

We have taken out Barbie dressed in a marshmallow pink paper lamb leather dress, thrown onto an immaculate cloth cutlery in hammered silver calf leather that seems to have taken on a patina over time.
Laid out on the grass, its innocent and silky whiteness showcases the vibrant highlights of soft, drummed leather.
A desire for simple but sensitive finishes, unusual and perfectly well-managed colours.
This subtle dosage of classicism and innovation, of a taste for fun and bold coquettishness is also one of the season’s key trends.

Faux-rustic and relaxed style

Get closer to nature so as to better imitate it.
Print a jean grain on a soft squirrel-coloured nubuck box leather to be worn against the skin.
Embellish sturgeon leather, waxing it until it could be mistaken for a tree branch.
Cleverly cut out wood plating like miniature tiles and bond them onto textiles, to be used in an unexpected way, while its bright yellow colour brings modernity.
Our desire for nature favours the reasonable, and we love the sophisticated but natural treatments applied to skins.
We are also going to make room for new materials that will stimulate our creativity and satisfy our thirst to “do things differently”.

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