Exceptional fantasy

© Linea Ellebi

At Blossom Première Vision, a daring creativity is stepping into the autumnn-winter 20/21 pre-collections, marked by unusual visual effects: interplays between embroidery motifs and grounds, plays on scale and patterns, yarn blends, improbable imaginary encounters, subtle shine. The trend towards naturalness, even in hides and skins, in no way impedes a look that delights.

© Albert Guégain & Fils

© Albert Guégain & Fils

Albert Guégain & Fils : flocked laces move centre stage

The French embroiderer opens a seasonal dialogue between motifs and their bases.

Flocked lace, tulle, velvet and wool-viscose blends are a fine-tuned blend of fantasy and comforting warmth… while bases give a home to big, laser-cut flowers. The collection also rolls out a series of micro floral patterns and embroidered geometrics. The variety in their decoration derives just as much from plays on yarns, colours and flockings as it does from nature of the embroidery bases. And speaking of colours, winter here is blue and grey. 


Erica Industria: Inspired by bold blends

Whether for prints or jacquards, Erica Industria goes for daringly bold blends of imagination, relayed in four specific themes: Blending with nature, Nordic meets primitive, Classics meets street art, and Strange and poetic.

Each inspiration has its preferred fabric. Satins, jerseys and velvets welcome mineral motifs and abstract animal designs. Printed tartans and neo punk graffiti in jacket weights are the ticket for wool blends and outdoor fabrics, while Japanese floral designs step into crêpe de chine, chiffons and jacquards. Colours accentuate these choices, sometimes via specific nuances (brown, khaki,) and sometimes by accentuating contrasts (red, yellow, blue, black).


Linea Ellebi : fantastical enchantment

The latest decorations on textiles and leathers at Linea Ellebi draw their originality from a skilful mix of materials and updated classic treatments.
Patterned leathers have a big role to play in this story.
Motifs call forth magical imaginary worlds. Patterns inspired by mysterious runic characters are found alongside luminous Japanese cherry blossoms. In this game of reinterpretation, surrealist flowers convey a strong bias towards an imagery drawn from fantastical worlds.


Malhia Kent : Yarn fantasy boosts originality

Yarn blends, plays on yarn counts, and colour combinations enliven the tweed wovens, jacquard designs and knits from Malhia Kent.
This weaver strives for a singular look to the point of specifying its own yarn dyes and colours. The shades developed in-house are then conveyed to the company’s partner spinners and dyers for industrial processing. Experiments are carried out all year round, to find new ways to mix print motifs and fantasy weaves.
This winter showcases fake fur yarns and large chenille velvets. Jacquard designs evoke a wide repertoire of landscapes and portraits.

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